7 Easy Things to Do on Sunday to Crush the Week Ahead

Manic Mondays, be gone

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We all know the woman who’s always ready to crush that presentation come Monday morning, no matter how many pitchers of sangria you drank with her over the weekend. It took us a while, but we realized there’s no big secret to her success. Just a bit of simple planning. Here, seven easy things to knock out on Sunday so you slay the week ahead.

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wash your sheets

Wash Your Sheets

Not only is the silky-smooth feel of a clean pillowcase one of the best sensations known to man, it’s a surefire way to keep your skin shining and your sleep quality strong. We’re all for starting off the week with a closet full of freshly laundered clothes, too, but don’t let that stop you from making your bed your shrine to peace and relaxation.

Embrace The Power Of The Slow Cooker

Slow-cooker meals almost seem like cheating. How can something so simple taste so, so good? Set it and forget it early on Sunday and not only will you enjoy a hearty dinner six hours later, but you’ll have enough leftovers to pack for lunches throughout the week. Here, some of our favorite healthy recipes.


Make A List Of Three Things You Want To Accomplish By Friday

Taking the time to think big picture about the week ahead will soothe your Sunday Scaries before they start shrieking uncontrollably. Important tip: Set yourself up for success by picking three, and only three, goals to focus on. No need to keep it work-related, either; calling up your long-distance bestie for a catch-up sesh totally counts.


Parcel Out A Week's Worth Of Workout Gear

If you’re trying to reap the many benefits of being someone who works out in the morning (we salute you), give yourself some extra snooze time by bundling up everything you need for several trips to the gym. That way, you don’t show up at SoulCycle only to realize you forgot your sports bra. We’ve been there; it’s not fun.

Purge Your Purse And Fridge

Doing any major cleaning on a Sunday is ambitious, to say the least. Give yourself a break and set out to do a quick sweep of one to two areas of your home. Our recommendation? Shake out all that loose change from the bottom of your purse and rid your fridge of anything that smells less than stellar. You’ll get that little hit of dopamine that comes from seeing a once messy thing become a not messy thing.

chill out

Chill Out With Your Favorite People

Do not gloss over this one. It’s super important to recharge with the most supportive, loving people in your life, even more so on Sundays. It’s the day of rest, after all, and venting to your best friend about your cranky boss or bingeing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with your partner is the best way to put all those stressors in perspective.


Try A New Nighttime Ritual

Instead of falling into a deep, dark Instagram rabbit hole before bed, try this: Set an alarm an hour before your planned bedtime. Once it goes off, you plug in your phone somewhere out of reach, grab a book, light a candle and revel in one full hour of the simple life. Chrissy Teigen’s dog posts will still be there for you in the morning.

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