11 Foods You Never Thought of Putting in Tacos

It's been real, lettuce and tomato

An ode to chicken tacos: You’ve been our old standby for years, and although you’re still delicious, it’s time to try something new. We’re switching up our fillings and toppings with duck, beets, artichokes and more out-of-the-ordinary ingredients this Taco Tuesday.


Swap that mango salsa for grapefruit on fish tacos--your taste buds will cheer.

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Trade pulled pork for shredded braised duck and sprinkle with corn for a hearty main.

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Is there anything watermelon can’t do? Team it up with steak, tilapia or veggies for a tasty twist.

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Sub these hearty legumes for meat and top with cauliflower. And oh, you know how we feel about cauliflower.

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Goat Cheese

Yep, goat cheese isn’t just for pizza and salad anymore. It’s tangy, it’s creamy--you can’t lose.

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Sweet Potatoes

Trade meat for sautéed sweet potatoes drizzled with honey and lime--they’re hearty, high in protein and super tasty.

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Winterize your tacos with braised lamb seasoned with cinnamon, brown sugar and coriander.

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Wait, you’re still using regular old corn taco shells? Trade 'em for wonton shells and fill with crab for a tasty take on crab rangoon.

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Pair beets with chickpeas and tahini for a light, veggie-friendly dish that’s packed with protein.

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Cupcakes Cocktails and Kids


Wanna get really fancy at your next dinner party? Grill octopus on skewers, then combine it with orange and pico de gallo served on a warm flour tortilla.

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Artichoke Hearts

Don’t go breaking our hearts, artichoke tacos.

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Spice up your taco night with this classic margarita recipe.

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