Exclusive: Tan France on the Fashion Trend He Can’t Stand (and the One He Loves *So* Much)

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Warning: Discussing fashion "dos” and “don’ts” with Tan France can instantly lead to a total style overhaul. (Yes, his input means that much.)

That’s why when PureWow had the chance to catch up with the Queer Eye star for an exclusive chat in New York City about the trends he loathes/loves, we were all ears. (France was in town to promote his partnership with Men’s Wearhouse and its annual Suit Drive, going on now through July 31, which has 700-plus Men’s Wearhouse stores collecting professional attire for unemployed men and women looking to re-enter the workforce.)

At the top of his loathe list? The bucket hat. “It's predominantly women’s right now, but I know men wear it, too. It was something I hated in the ‘90s and I still hate now,” he says. “If somebody chooses to wear it, so be it. That’s your choice. But I will never get on board.”

But what’s the trend he absolutely adores? Fanny packs. “I love them on men and women. It’s perfectly sized and I love that I can wear it across my body, but it also adds a layer of something extra.”

There is one fashion moment that France would love to see make a comeback. “High-waisted everything,” he says. “I wear a lot of high-waisted stuff and I’d love to encourage more people—men in particular—to do the same. I think it’s universally flattering.”

You heard it here first.

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