Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are Tie-Dying at Home, Just Like Us

Looks like we're not the only ones participating in a little at-home DIY action right now. Over the weekend, Katie Holmes took to Instagram to show off her and her daughter Suri Cruise's latest art project: tie-dye clothing. Although the photo is cropped such that we can't quite tell who these two women are, we think it safe to assume it's Holmes and Cruise modeling their creations.

Cruise opted for a classic pink-and-white swirl T-shirt, while Holmes experimented with yellow, blue and green accents on a pair of wide-leg jeans. And while some of us might be just starting to play with the idea of art as therapy, a quick scroll through Holmes's Instagram reveals she's long been into the practice of expressing herself through her artwork. She DIY-ed the decorations for Cruise's 14th birthday party in April and frequently posts drawings, paintings and collages to her page.

Holmes had been enjoying a sort of fashion-icon renaissance just before the coronavirus forced us all (yes, even celebrities) to stay inside. And while we're disappointed that we no longer get to see what designer bag she's become obsessed with of late or which fashion rules she's breaking, it's nice to get even this little peek into her wardrobe. Here's hoping we'll see these one-of-a-kind tie-dye pants again come September's New York Fashion Week.

Abby Hepworth


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