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In the light of the store, your new romper looked the cutest. But now, trying it on IRL, you’re panicking because how on earth did you buy something that looked that bad? Truth: It all comes down to the dressing room. Here, seven mistakes you might be making that could seriously impact the fit of your clothes.

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1. You went in without bringing multiple sizes.
Even if you’re crystal clear on your dress size, it never hurts to carry a size up (or down) into the dressing room so you can compare and contrast the fit. You never know: Sometimes a minor difference (say, an extra inch on the hem) can feel pretty major. 

2. You’re wearing the wrong bra.
We all love to be comfy, but if you’re trying on T-shirts in a sports bra, remember that it’s going to impact (ahem, flatten) the fit of the clothes. A better plan: Find out if the store sells intimates and grab a bra in your size. If it doesn't, take your bra off completely to get a better sense of the fit.

3. You forgot to sit down.
No, the little chair (or bench) isn’t just for your purse. If you can move the chair, pull it out so it’s right in front of the mirror, then take a seat with the new outfit on. That way, you can see exactly how those shorts look in a variety of situations.

4. You didn’t ask for shoes.
You don't have to be in the market for a new pair, but seeing how that pencil skirt looks in heels can really help you visualize the outfit as you'll probably wear it.

5. You didn’t use the multi-panel mirror.
As awkward as it can feel strutting your stuff in front of fitting room strangers, the multi-panel mirror is the ultimate way to test how your soon-to-be-new outfit looks from absolutely every angle. 

6. You forgot to seek out different lighting.
Fitting rooms are designed to make you look your absolute best. If the outfit you’re trying on is almost a done deal, look at it out in the open (like right outside the dressing rooms), where it’s likely you’ll find a different shade of light.

7. You didn’t take a mirror selfie.
Last but not least: The camera doesn’t lie (like the mirror can). Snap a quick pic, and if you still like the way you look, head to the register. You've found a winner.

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