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Shopping for clothes is the best. Bra shopping? Not so much. After eyeballing our size, we try on a dozen styles only to bring one home with itchy lace and pinchy underwire. So we asked Rigby & Peller’s lingerie stylist Jennifer O’Connell to help us take the mystery out of bra shopping once and for all. Here are the five biggest mistakes you’re making.

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Underestimating Your Cup Size

Chances are, the bra you’re wearing right now isn’t the right size. Look for a cup that lifts and contains all of your breast tissue, including the bulges on the sides underneath your armpits.

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...And Making Up The Difference in the Band

When you’re wearing a bra that fits correctly, you should be able to fit the width of two fingers (and no more) between the band and your back. Hmm, learn something new every day.

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Getting a One-Size-Fits-All Sports Bra

If you have larger breasts, a generic sports bra that gives you a uniboob won’t provide enough support. Opt for a sports bra with cup sizes and underwire like this one from Panache for a way more comfortable workout. 

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Buying the Same Size at Every Store

You’re a small at Zara and a medium at Reformation--so why are you buying the same bra size at every store? Just like clothing, you might be a different size in Journelle than you are in Negative Underwear.

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Going Solo

OK, we admit it’s kind of awkward having some random lady standing in your dressing room while you’re trying out bras. But get over the initial weirdness and get professionally fitted, people. You’ll learn things about your boobs you never knew before. Seriously. It’s enlightening. 

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