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What Is Body Neutrality and Why Should I Be Teaching It to My Daughter?

True story: Loving your body isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are days (or weeks or months) when your self-esteem is in the gutter and, frankly, body positivity is the last thing you care to spout. Enter the totally realistic movement that takes off the pressure.

What is body neutrality? Basically, it’s the idea that you feel relaxed (aka neutral) about your body and don’t have to celebrate it at every turn. Yes, your body exists and is a vehicle that allows you to live your life, but you don’t need to look in the mirror and pronounce ‘Girl, you are stunning’ on the days you just don’t feel like it. Instead, the movement encourages you to spend less energy thinking about your body, good or bad, and just focus on being comfortable in your own skin.

Why is it trending? In a lot of ways, it’s a backlash to the “love your body” movement. Let’s face it: A lot of times we are way too hard on ourselves, nitpicking every single flaw. But it’s also exhausting (and anxiety-inducing) to have to praise your body every second of the day, too. 

And how do I practice it with my own daughter (or son)? When she grabs your belly and asks you what it is, simply say “That’s my stomach,” not “Ew, I’m so fat” or “That’s my beautiful body and I love every roll.” Just identify it as your belly and that it exists, then move on.

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