8 Genius Baby Products to Make Your Life Easier

Congrats! You created a human life! While this is such an exciting time, it can also be extremely overwhelming (times about a million). Between baby books and registries to fielding unsolicited advice from Aunt Janet and the cashier at Rite-Aid, you soon start to realize just how much stuff is out there. Sure, a stroller and bassinet are the no brainers, but there are a few under-the-radar lifesavers that should not be missed. Here, eight clever products to make your hectic days a bit easier.

lugbug baby carrier handle

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Handle

PSA: Lugging a baby carrier around all day while traveling or running errands can wreak havoc on your arms and shoulders. That’s where this nifty invention comes in. Created by a first-time dad, the LugBug is an ergonomic handle that attaches to the top of virtually any baby carrier. The handle rotates 360 degrees to offer a more comfortable and enjoyable carrying position.

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vtech pan and tilt video monitor

High-tech Baby Monitor With Zoom Feature

It’s been five seconds since you last heard baby Louis make a sound, and you’re already panicked. First off, take a deep breath. Second, arm your nursery with the VTech Pan & Tilt Video Monitor. Not only does it allow you to see close-up and wide shots (even a 170-degree panoramic view), but you can also soothe your little one from afar thanks to a two-way talk-back feature. Your peace of mind? Priceless.

freshly picked diaper bag
Crate & Barrel

Diaper Bag That Looks Designer

We’ve finally found it: a diaper bag moms may actually want to carry around. It’s 100 percent vegan leather and it can be worn as a backpack (or a crossbody or purse), so you can be hands-free (God knows how crucial that is). The inside is really spacious with a total of ten pockets, in addition to side and front pockets. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a changing pad and is stain resistant?

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little nomad play mats
Little Nomad

Sleek Play Mats

If you have concrete, wood or tile floors, it’s important to create a safe space for your little one, especially once she starts crawling. Little Nomad Roam Free Play Mats look like real rugs but are actually made from a premium nontoxic foam that’s suitable for all stages of your child’s development. Unlike traditional carpeting, you don’t have to worry about pesky grape juice spills, because these mats easily wipe clean.

happiest baby sleepea five second swaddle

Sleep Sack With Silent Velcro

Meet Sleepea, the foolproof five-second swaddle. All you need to do is tuck your baby inside, secure the Velcro strap around the middle and zip it up. Don’t worry about waking baby for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, either. Sleepea is equipped with special “quiet” Velcro straps that won’t disturb your little one’s sleep.

boon tripod formula container

Anti-spill Formula Carrier

With the Boon Tripod, you don’t have to worry about spilling and wasting precious formula. Instead, fill the wide three-section top (it holds enough for three eight-ounce bottles) and then dispense the formula as needed through one of the tripod’s legs, which are narrow enough to fit perfectly inside the top of a bottle. No spills = a happy mama.

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itzy ritzy milk boss infant feeding pillow
Itzy Ritzy

Better Feeding Pillow

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, your arms can feel numb after a while. The Milk Boss pillow changes all that. Slip your arm through the hole and lay your baby’s head on top of the pillow. It keeps him at the perfect angle for feeding and will prevent your arms from straining. Then, when you’re done feeding, flip your baby on his tummy and use the pillow as a rest while burping.

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jujube be equipped breast pump bag

On-the-go Breast Pump Bag

The Jujube Be Equipped three-piece set is small enough to fit inside a diaper bag but roomy enough to hold all of your essentials. The organizer bag keeps all of your pumping accessories in one place, while the cooler bag prevents fresh milk from spoiling. Finally, the wet bag is completely sealed to prevent leakage.

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