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You were more than happy to KonMari your wardrobe and declutter your kitchen. But when it comes to your baby’s room, it’s a little harder to pare down the diapers and blankets and stuffed animals—it’s especially challenging when you’re working with anything smaller than a palace. Here are eight ways to make the most of a pint-size nursery. 

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small nursery changing table
Land of Nod

Ditch the Changing Table

A stand-alone changing table demands a lot of real estate. Instead, look for a changing table topper and pad that fit over the dresser. Boom: You just doubled your floor space.

small nursery double duty furniture

Opt for Double-Duty Furniture

The same multipurpose rationale applies to older tots’ playrooms, too: A bookcase with a built-in reading nook provides storage for toys and a place for storytime. (Also, it’s adorable.)

small nurdery drawers

Maximize Drawer Space

The good news: Baby clothes are small. The bad news: Dressers aren’t exactly sized for them. Make sure no space is going to waste by employing in-drawer dividers, and you’ll be able to store more things out of sight without losing track of where everything is.

small nursery crib storage
Pottery Barn Kids

Make the Crib a Storage Powerhouse

You thought a crib was just where your baby sleeps? Silly mama: Between canvas units that easily tie onto the railing and models with built-in drawers, the biggest item in your nursery can also be the most useful.

small nursery stripes

Try Horizontal Stripes

If you?re not wed to the idea of solid walls (or elephant wallpaper), horizontal stripes visually widen a small space and add a youthful color-block vibe. Whether you go with one accent band or floor-to-ceiling lines, you?ll immediately feel the effect.

small nursery floating shelves
Winter Daisy: Interiors for Children/Houzz

Put Your Walls to Work

Like in any other small room, vertical space is your secret weapon. Floating shelves help in two ways: They add additional storage, and they draw the eye upward. (Hint: A slim profile works best here.)

small nursery numbered bins
Land of Nod

Embrace Bins and Baskets

Yes, cubbies in a nursery are hardly a novel concept, but portable storage makes putting away toys, blankets and any other oversize item a breeze. You can keep them neutral and seamless or go for bright colors and patterns as a design element?your call.

small nursery closet
Container Store

Create a Super-Closet

A sole rod might be fine for the hall coat closet, but in here, every inch counts. Look for hanging storage and over-the-door racks to keep smaller items out of sight, and use color-coded hanger dividers to find that lucky onesie in a snap. 

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