14 New Moms on the One Under-$20 Product They Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re shelling out for a stroller or a sleep training expert, real moms can attest: Kids are expensive. That’s why we got the scoop from the coolest parents in our trusted inner circle about the under-$20 product they swear by x 1,000.

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“It is so cold and windy right now. I apply it to my daughter’s face three times a day!” — Janice

Buy it here ($13)

boogie wipes

Boogie Wipes

“The hype is real—and I will not only buy them for my son anytime he has a cold, I will buy them for myself because a saline-soaked tissue is 1,000 times better than the rest.” — Rachel

Buy it here ($4)

cloth diapers

Cloth Diapers As Burp Cloths

“I buy them for every new parent. They aren’t pretty, but they are cheap and so much more absorbent than the fancy burp cloths!” — Kelly

Buy it here ($15)

stroller hooks

Stroller Hooks

“I use them to clip on a shopping basket at the grocery store, hold my purse, keys—everything.” — Caroline

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baby socks
hanna anderson

Hanna Andersson Best Ever First Socks

“They actually stay on. Game changer.” — Stephanie

Buy it here ($6)

lucas papaw ointment

Lucas Papaw Ointment

“I use it for diaper rash, baby acne, scratches, bugbites, sunburn, dry lips. It covers it all.” — Christine

Buy it here ($8)

booboo bunny

The Boo-boo Bunny

“It’s basically an ice pack disguised as a soft—and comforting—bunny that gets wrapped around your baby’s boo-boo. Keep it in the fridge and it’s ready to go.” — Maura

Buy it here ($9)

nose frida baby

Nosefrida Pacidose

“My daughter had reflux as an infant and needed Zantac twice daily until she was almost six months. The Pacidose is a liquid medicine dispenser disguised as a pacifier. Without it, she wouldn’t take any meds. It was a godsend.” — Jennifer

Buy it here ($13)

baby trash bag

Arm And Hammer Scented Diaper Trash Bags

“They are great for all the baby stuff — and completely mask the dirty diaper smell. Post-baby stage, I still use them now for car trash, airplane trash, wet clothes, barf bag and more. They’re genius.” — Tamar

Buy it here ($4)

triple paste

Triple Paste

“If you’ve ever had tush problems, this is a godsend.” — Deborah

Buy it here ($8)


Piyo Piyo Nail Scissors

“They’re so simple and make clipping those teeny tiny nails less scary.” — Margo

Buy it here ($8)


Mam Glow-in-the-dark Pacifiers

“Trust me, when you’re rooting around the crib late at night, you’ll be thankful.” — Sarah

Buy it here ($6 for 2)

baby powder

Baby Powder

“I take it to the beach and use it to get all the sand off their hands to eat or feet to put on sandals. When you put it on, the sand comes right off.” — Kimberly

Buy it here ($7)

water bottle

A Water Bottle

“A 99-cent Poland Spring water bottle, offered to my baby empty. It holds her attention longer than all her toys combined!” — Ana

Buy it here ($19 for 24)