Hilary Duff Dishes on Surviving Sick Days with 2 Kids

As a mom of two, Hilary Duff is surrounded by germs constantly. So it’s no surprise that she, her husband, Matthew Koma, and her children, Luca (7) and Banks (1), have had their fair share of family sick days. When we spoke to the 32-year-old Younger star about her partnership with Zicam, she dished about what it’s like navigating sick days with two kids (something a lot of parents can relate to).

Thanks to her travel (she’s constantly between New York and Los Angeles) and Koma’s tour schedule, they’re always trying to “defend ourselves against our kids because they’re like Petri dishes.” Truer words have never been said.

Duff noted that she’s on a never-ending quest to avoid her kids from getting each other sick. She said, “When Luca’s going to school and coming home, I’m trying to teach him to not get all up in his sister’s face right away. It’s sad because he wants to just have his hands all over her and he’s obsessed with her, which is so great. But I’m like, ‘Just give her some space.’” That way, Duff can tell if he’s starting to feel under the weather before he spreads germs to his little sister. However, now that Banks is enrolled in enrichment classes, she’s also been known to bring home a stuffy nose now and again. It never ends.

When her kids do catch cold, she has a strict rule: “If my kid is sick, they’re not going to class. Yes, if Luca is sick, it’s hard for him to miss school, but I really believe that rest is so important. I’m like, ‘OK, you’re going to nap and take it easy.’ But the word nap is like a four-letter word to a 7-year-old.” Amen to that.

When Luca or Banks are home sick and aren’t napping, Duff says she and the children bake and watch movies. But, at the end of the day, she says she’s exhausted. “Wrestling a little one to wipe her nose all day is a lot…But those days are your badges of honor and make you feel like Super Woman when you’re finished.”

If you need us, we’ll be counting down the days until the end of cold and flu season and commiserating with Hilary Duff, thank you.

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