Katherine Heigl Reveals the Secret to Kate & Tully's Lasting Friendship on ‘Firefly Lane’

If there’s one fictional pair who have shown us the complexities of friendship, it’s our favorite tight-knit duo from Firefly Lane: Kate and Tully.

PureWow recently sat down with actress Katherine Heigl to discuss her latest project with ArtWare, where she created a Shopify store dedicated to animal well-being. She also discussed the special bond between Tully and Kate and revealed what fans can expect to see in part two of the show’s second season.

As it turns out, Heigl is a huge fan of the Kristin Hannah novel that inspired the series. She admitted that the friendship element is what drew her to the story. She told us, “I become so deeply emotionally invested in them and their survival with their friendship because I think it's so relatable, and I think it speaks to so many of us and what we feel truly matters in life. Those kinds of connections that come, hell or high water, they last. And they are hard to maintain.”

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According to Heigl, the new episodes will explore themes of unwavering support and loyalty. “There are different friends for different phases of your life,” she explained. “But there is something about Kate and Tully that is lasting. I found so many photos of my girlfriends from high school and middle school, even elementary school, and we're still friends today. And there's something about knowing that they were there in my life and apart of some of these pivotal moments and experiences in my youth.”

She continued, “That gives a certain depth to the relationship. And that's Kate and Tully. They were there at these pivotal moments in each other's lives. Kate was there through Tully’s difficult family situation, with her mother and the drug abuse and the addiction, and Tully was there for Kate through those really awkward teenage years, where she didn't have self-confidence and she didn't feel worthy. And they pick up the pieces for each other over and over again. The energy of that just weaves into your soul. It makes it so that you can't imagine life without them.”

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It’s no wonder this dynamic duo stuck by each other throughout their teenage years and into adulthood. But as we’ve seen, even the strongest friendships can fall apart. As you probably recall, Kate and Tully’s relationship isn’t in the best place after season two, part one. And fans will get to see how they navigate the tension in part two.

Heigl said, “It's not some fairy tale friendship. They have a lot of issues with each other and things that go unsaid or unspoken and resentments that simmer under the surface. I think we're going to see that unfold in part two. And whether or not they can survive all those years of not really being honest with each other about certain things.”

Here’s hoping that Kate and Tully can resolve their differences by the series finale.

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