8 Times Kate Middleton Killed the Stiletto Game it just us, or has Kate Middleton mastered the art of effortlessly wearing stilettos? Sure, she occasionally opts for a chic pair of flats to rest her royal soles, but we have to admit: This girl is a beast when it comes to heel-wearing.

From dribbling a soccer ball to refereeing a game of street hockey, the Duchess of Cambridge loves showing off her athletic side (and refuses to sacrifice in the name of fashion). Here, eight examples of Middleton absolutely killing the stiletto game.

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When She Tried Her Hand At Archery

The Duchess's aim could probably use some work, but even Katniss Everdeen would have a hard time finding the bull's-eye while teetering in pumps.

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And Traveled With A Squirmy Prince George

We've always admired women who are bold enough to travel in heels. (Don’t mind us shuffling by in our Uggs to coach experiencing tootsie heaven.)

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When She Refereed A Street Hockey Game

Street hockey is no match for Duchess Kate and her flawless style. Blowing the whistle on poor fashion choices one charity event at a time.

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And Carried Princess Charlotte During The Entire 2016 Royal Canadian Tour

After all, Char is a princess-in-training (with some major commitments to fulfill).

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When She Played Table Tennis

And she was six months pregnant with Prince George. Just sayin', Serena.

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When She Smiled Through Prince George's Meltdown

Fact: Children do not sympathize with aching digits. Tantrums have nothing on K Middy's sculpted arches.

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And Made It Clear She Takes Her Soccer (or We Should Say Football) Seriously

No cleats, no problem.

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And Owned The Cricket Pitch

Not only did Duchess Kate cricket the hell out of that wicket with a smile plastered on her face, but she successfully concealed the real problem at hand: stilettos + grass = quicksand. Cue the slow clap.

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