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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If your family isn’t already at your house, chances are they’re en route. But no matter how delightful your in-laws are, everyone needs a break from family every now and then. This holiday season, might we recommend sneaking away and digging into one of these terrific articles--featuring adorable puffins, the unstoppable Missy Elliott and what might possibly be the loneliest job in the world?


If you’ve been listening to “Hello” on repeat for the past month...

Read about Adele’s triumphant return to the public eye. (Rolling Stone)


If you’ve been watching the “WTF (Where They From)” video on repeat for the past month...

Read about the similarly triumphant return of Missy Elliott. (Billboard)


If that’s not enough badass women for you...

Read a fascinating conversation between Gloria Steinem and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (The New York Times)


If you’re into a different kind of rock star...

Read about the puffins (yes, the birds) that are celebrated at a massive yearly festival in Iceland. (Audubon Magazine)


If you think your job is boring...

Read about the lone officer at one of the world’s most remote police stations. (BuzzFeed)


If you’re embarrassed to admit that you don’t really understand the Syrian refugee crisis...

Read about one man’s harrowing journey to escape his homeland. (The New Yorker)


If you’ve ever stayed in a rented home...

Read about the legal implications of a sharing economy, as told through the very sad story of the death of the author’s father at an Airbnb rental. (Medium)


If you think Canada’s new prime minister is a total hottie...

Read about his mom, Margaret Trudeau, a controversial and misunderstood figure in the country’s recent political history. (The New York Times)


If you’re into nostalgia...

Read about the reclusive and brilliant comedian Jan Hooks in what was one of the last excellent pieces published by Grantland before it shuttered. (Grantland)

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