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In the grand scheme of life, having thin hair isn’t that big of a deal. (We all have bigger problems to worry about than a bounce-less ponytail, you know?) But when it comes to beauty woes, it’s pretty damn annoying.

Not only are you limited in the cuts and styles you can pull off; you’re also limited in the products you can use—especially where oils are concerned. 

As a life-long thin-hair-haver, I’ve tried my fair share of products meant to make my strands shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. (Like, upwards of ten over the past few years.) Each time I find an oil that promises “to work on all hair types,” and I apply a dime-size amount with cautious optimism. This one will be different, I naively tell myself. But alas, they all leave my hair a greasy mess.

(I will note that I recognize the inherent contradiction in expecting a hair oil not to make my hair oily, but it’s my beauty routine and I’m allowed to have unreasonable expectations of it.)

Then I tried VERB’s Ghost Oil, a weightless hair oil that tames frizz and adds shine without unwanted grease. It is—in a word—magic.

xAfter showering, I brush through my hair and let it dry for ten minutes or so—until it’s damp. Then, I squirt two to two and a half pumps of Ghost Oil into my hands and work it through my shoulder-length hair. Then, because I’m lazy and useless when wielding a blow-dryer, I let my hair air-dry. The result, while not entirely frizz-free (that’s a pipe dream I’ve long since abandoned), is infinitely shinier while still feeling light and bouncy.

Per VERB, Ghost Oil is formulated with bamboo extract to strengthen the hair follicle and retain moisture, hydrolyzed soy protein to lock in moisture and moringa seed oil to moisturize, detangle and smooth hair. It’s also, as an added bonus, paraben-, gluten- and cruelty-free.

Best of all, unlike my other thin-hair must-have, Viviscal (which I’ve fawned over in the past), VERB’s Ghost Oil is super-affordable at $14 for a bottle that will last months.  

Now, I’m not a scientist; I’m just a girl with dreams of having Pantene commercial-worthy locks, so I can’t tell you why this oil is different than the others I’ve tried. You’re just going to have to trust me.

Buy it ($14)

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