There are certain things every woman should know: how to correctly pour a glass of wine, how to properly tie a scarf and how to apply a classy cat eye. If you feel like your eye-makeup game has been a one-trick pony, consult our handy guide to learn the six definitive eyeliner techniques you can pull out for any need.

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When to wear it: During the day

Why it works: Clean, thin lines give just enough emphasis without overdoing it.

What you need: An eye pencil in dark brown or black

How you do it: Draw from the inner corner to the outer edge on the top lid only, making sure to thicken the line (ever so slightly) as you go.

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Cat Eye

When to wear it: On the town with friends

Why it works: It’s just dramatic enough for nighttime bar hopping but can be kept low-key with a simple red lip--and leather jacket.

What you need: Liquid liner and Scotch tape (really)

How you do it: Use the tape to stencil how the line should angle, taking care to tape both sides at an even slant. Draw the liquid from the inner corner outward and above the tape. Add thickness above the lid, and then taper off to the area extending outward. Remove the tape and voilà! (Get the full tutorial here.)

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When to wear: On date nights

Why it works: This trick automatically makes your eyes appear bigger and draws mega attention.

What you need: White eye crayon

How you do it: Concentrate your efforts on the very inner corner on your eye and work your way outward to the middle of your lashes. Just make sure not to skimp on the mascara. (Too little and you may look less ethereal and more alien.)

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When to wear it: To work parties

Why it works: This statement eye is a stand-alone hit that upgrades your normal look all by itself. Keep everything else neutral to avoid pageant-queen status.

What you need: Dark eye shadow and an angled brush

How you do it: Wet your angled eye brush in water and dip in a darker hued shadow. Draw above and below lashes, then smudge with your finger to your heart?s content.

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When to wear: To dinner parties

Why it works: It’s relaxed but with a fun side.

What you need: A gold, silver or bronze eye pencil

How you do it: Draw a line below the eye from the inner corner outward, decreasing in pressure and thickness as you go.

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When to wear: To weddings

Why it works: Switch it up to impress the people you haven’t seen in ages. The metallic adds a touch of glam while still keeping things classy.

What you need: Liquid liner in black and metallic silver

How you do it: Copy the cat-eye trick from above with the black liner, then add a thin line of metallic on top.

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