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Some parts of our morning routine we can take or leave (looking at you, eyebrow-shaping). Others are non-negotiable. Notably, showering, brushing our teeth and applying perfume. Spritzing on a little fragrance before walking out the door is a super simple pick-me-up, assuming you do it correctly. Here, five perfume mistakes you might be inadvertently making.

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Only Spraying It on Your Wrists
That’s a fine place to start, but if your wrists are the only place you’re applying it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Perfume is activated by body heat, so to maximize its effects, spray it on pulse points like your wrists, neck, behind your knees and even your ankles.

Rubbing Your Wrists Together After Applying
Contrary to every movie scene with a delicate woman at a vanity, the friction created actually depletes the fragrance’s top notes, meaning the scent will fade faster. Rubbing your wrists together can also change the scent by interfering with the formula’s molecules. 

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Storing It in the Bathroom
It makes sense to stash your scents on your bathroom sink so you can spray some on when you get out of the shower, but doing so could mess with its chemistry. When you shower, your bathroom gets hot, humid and steamy (and then back to cool). The frequent temperature changes alter the makeup of your fragrance, which, like a good bottle of wine, should be stored at a consistently low temperature (like a shelf in your bedroom).

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Applying it to Dry Skin
Moisturized skin holds perfume for longer, so be sure to lotion up a bit before applying your fragrance. Another helpful trick is to lather on a little Vaseline before spraying. The fragrance-free petroleum jelly acts as a kind of primer for your perfume, helping it last all day.

Inadvertently Mixing Scents
We’re not talking spraying Flowerbomb on top of Curious (Britney Spears throwback), but be aware that shampoos, conditioners and body washes often have strong scents that could smell weird when paired with your fragrance. If you like the end result, go forth, but if not, consider switching to more neutral-smelling shower products.

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