Short or long, honey gold or platinum white, here are the best summer hairstyles that will really make your blonde strands pop (and keep you cool as the temperatures rise).

blonde loose braid
Anne Baek/Getty Images

1. A loose braid

The key here is volume—both at the crown of your head and in the braid itself. This can be achieved by gently teasing your roots before braiding your strands back and pulling apart the plait to finish.

blonde double knot hair

2. A double-knot bun

The twisted style of this knot makes it look more intricate than it actually is. To re-create it at home, smooth back any flyaways around the hairline and pull everything up into a ponytail. Loop the tail around twice (or more, depending on how long your hair is), and secure the ends into the base of your ponytail using bobby pins that match your strands.

blonde shag haircut

3. A shag haircut

Aka this summer’s trendiest cut that also happens to look extra cool when paired with platinum strands. Just make sure your stylist leaves a bit of shadow at your roots for added dimension. Mussed-up bangs are optional (though highly encouraged).

curly cropped blonde hair
WestEnd61/Getty Images

4. A curly crop

For a curly-haired lady who wants to lighten things up for summer, a bright blonde will definitely make those coils pop. Again, we like to keep a bit of contrast at the root to frame your face and give the look a modern twist. (Plus, this means less frequent touch-ups at the salon.)

platinum pixie
Kiuikson/Getty Images

5. A Platinum Pixie

Fact: Platinum strands and pixie cuts will always be one of the coolest hair combos. Keep the sides and back short and the top longer for the most versatility in styling options.

blonde hair twisted updo

6. A twisted updo

Aka your go-to do for the hundred-plus weddings you’ve RSVP’d to between now and September. Our favorite part about this romantic style is that it works especially well on unwashed (ahem, beachy) strands; the extra texture provides more hold.

blonde hair fishtail
Sanne Berg/Getty Images

7. A fishtail braid

The beauty of a fishtail braid lies in its finely woven details—and you know what highlights those details? Ribbons of honey-blonde highlights.

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