7 Zumba Workouts You Can Stream Right Now (and Most of Them Are Free)

Maybe you’re missing your regular studio Zumba workout, or maybe you’re just in the mood to try a new form of cardio. Either way, there are plenty of online classes you can stream right now (many of them for free) to get your heart rate up from the comfort of your own home. Here, seven Zumba classes we’ll most definitely be bookmarking for later.

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The LiveLoveParty.TV crew have more fun in the course of a three-minute video than we've ever had while working out in our entire lives. Each video is just one song, so you might want to queue up a few in a row if you’re hoping to get a solid 20 or 30 minutes in.

2. Strong By Zumba

You may have seen a STRONG by Zumba studio in your area, but did you know the boutique studio also has a YouTube channel where it posts free 30-minute sessions? These HIIT workouts combine all the fun of dance with intense body-weight moves to really work your muscles. The channel also offers videos in a variety of languages (like Spanish, German, Indonesian, French and Korean) if you want to simultaneously work on your language skills.

3. Carolina Brearley

Fitness instructor and lifestyle blogger Carolina Brearley has been a Zumba instructor since 2010. In addition to her Zumba videos, she’s also posted other dance-based cardio workouts for you to try.

4. 305 Fitness

OK, so technically this isn’t a Zumba workout, but it is dance cardio. While Zumba originated in Brazil, this hip-hop-inspired style comes to you straight from Miami. And while there are lots of videos to follow on 305’s website, there are even more on its YouTube channel. In fact, right now 305 is uploading two new live videos a day (that then live permanently online so you can repeat them at any time), one at noon and one at 6 p.m. EST, recorded from the living rooms, basements and backyards of founder Sadie Kurzban and veteran instructors.

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5. The Studio By Jamie Kinkeade

Another dance cardio channel to try, Jamie Kinkeade’s videos are super-colorful, upbeat and for the most part come in under 10 minutes. In fact, most of her videos are tailored to some of our favorite pop and hip-hop songs, making them a fantastic option for a quick afternoon break or easy blood-pumping pick-me-up anytime you need one.

6. Zumba Max

You'll need an Amazon Prime account in order to have access to this hour-long Zumba workout, however it's led by none other than Beto Pérez, the founder/creator of Zumba. (Yep, you can work out with the Columbian dance legend, no trip to Florida required.) There are multiple videos on Amazon led by Pérez, including additional 30- and 60-minute classes and shorter sessions targeting specific areas of the body.

7. Zumba Fitness Concert Live

This might just be the ultimate Zumba workout to try at home. Imagine attending a 70-minute live concert starring Beto Pérez, where he teaches you 16 routines featuring the music and dance styles of countries from all over the world. Sounds like a blast, no? With all of the excitement and energy of the concert, you won't even feel those obliques working. (Well, not until tomorrow.)

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