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Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 7 to 13

This is a week in which we need live between the big moments. The story is unfolding as we speak. Last week’s solar eclipse dared us to act with courage, and next week’s lunar eclipse demands that we loosen our grip. Mercury stations retrograde on the 7th, and reflection becomes a priority so stay curious—hunker down and finally finish the Ron Chernow Hamilton biography that inspired Lin Manuel Miranda. And keep an eye out for the next clue in your life’s scavenger hunt when Mars clashes with Uranus on the 11th—aka check your trash folder for a nugget you’ve been waiting for.  

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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3 Cancer  

What transpired during last week’s eclipse is still stressing you out, sweet moonchild. May we suggest retail therapy? Even better, try some intuitive shopping—don’t think too deeply about trends. Instead, shop for what feels right. That way a trip to Zara skews less fast-fashion capitalism and more pep-talk-for-the-soul. And maybe even hit up the department store to let the perfume counter inspire your olfactory senses and lift you up with a divine new signature scent. While window-shopping on its own may do the trick, accept the healing modalities of actually walking away with that perfect swimsuit. Trust your ability to make choices with your values.

4 Leo  

This week, you make a vow to go vegan, to execute the Artist’s Way in its entirety, or to quit single-use plastic (please do!). As you work on yourself, you cultivate an air of mystery. And look at that: Privacy is good for your skin. You’re more popular than ever, so let the fans know what’s happening behind the scenes on your Instagram Stories or group text thread—show them how you juggle your three kids’ schedules while whipping up the most delicious homemade oat milk. But…don’t give everything away, though. Keep the best tips for yourself.

5 Virgo  

Sure, it is so pretentious of your new colleague to adorn her workspace with chunks of labradorite, vases of dried lavender and handmade collages. (You even caught her saging her desk after work hours.) But are you actually just jealous of her ability to make this her own sanctuary? Hmm. Perhaps instead of mocking or condemning, follow her lead. Give your monitor a deep clean or grab some flowers at the farmer’s market to freshen things up. When the internet keeps cutting out and email is slow, you’ll be thrilled to have your own tiny kingdom in the office.

6 Libra  

The downside of getting along with everyone is always wondering who really has your back. Stop worrying about friendship hierarchies or who is invited to your wedding with a plus-one, and just try to appreciate the beauty of having a network. When you can pause to see the forest for the trees, you’ll be able to see more clearly the ripe opportunities waiting for you: a friendly neighbor with an ideal job opportunity, the talented wedding photographer or an offer from your niece’s friend to redesign your ceramics website for free. It seems random, but you put energy there for a reason. Use the resource that is your community.

7 Scorpio  

Even if you aren’t looking for a new job, it’s worth it to refresh your website or spruce up your résumé this week. (Maybe dust off that brag sheet as well.) If only to marvel at all that you have accomplished. This will lighten the blow when you have to miss your best friend’s birthday or your daughter’s piano recital while working overtime to course correct a sinking project or pick up your boss’s slack. It’s amazing to remember how much you can handle! You got this.

8 Sagittarius  

With Mercury retrograde upon us, hopefully you've got all of your travel plans squared away for that writing workshop, your college bud’s wedding or whatever you’ve been looking forward to. If you do get stuck in transit, strike up a conversation with an ally at the airport bar. While bonding over the pain of flight delays and the ridiculously too-expensive fish tacos, your new friend may plant the seed for your next intellectual pursuit, or at least have a great book recommendation for the plane. Wisdom is more accessible than you assume.


If anyone can find joy in balancing a checkbook or refinancing a mortgage, you know it’s you, Capricorn. Make a date (like an actual date) with your partner to untangle the knot of your shared resources. Something is off-balance with who’s paying the bills (and it’s not you who is slacking) so give a lesson in sharing by splitting a steak and trading massages. It’s possible to face what’s inevitable without losing the romance.

10 Aquarius  

The universe reminds you of a dissolved joint venture this week, not to tease or undermine, but to affirm that you made the right choice. Whether it’s your ex’s engagement announcement on Instagram, a former bandmate opening a show at Radio City or a hot mess workplace now thriving without you—the news will definitely sting. Remember, all that you have lost is part of your foundation. Acknowledge your gut reaction as you chase your next adventure.

11 Pisces  

After spending many moons deep in the sea of fantasy, it is a profound relief to plant an anchor and get lost in the details. Use your hands as much as possible: repot your houseplants, finish every small project you’ve been avoiding at work and home—hey, a glass of wine sure makes tedious IKEA furniture assembly that much more fun (just, ya know, be careful with heavy objects). Don’t take this brush with the mundane for granted: relish in the feeling of your toes touching the earth. Nothing feels as dreamy as a job well done.

12 Aries  

It’s a challenge to make plans with the usual crowd this week so be open to missing trivia night, or selling those opera tickets (we get it: they all die of tuberculosis). If you decide to try a new neighborhood spot with “experimental service” solo, you may encounter an ex-fling or that friend who always spells trouble also dining at a table for one. It’s OK to indulge for one night only, but approach that pleasure from the past with caution.

1 Taurus  

The key to self-improvement is lying right under your nose, sweet bull. This week is the time to Kondo your side office/spare room, and finally make space for that meditation nook. There are treasures to be discovered under the bills or in the junk drawer: a code for a free week of Pilates, or a forgotten Ayurvedic nutrition guide. Take what you find as a hint to recommit to your lapsed wellness goals. As long as you keep moving, it’s the right direction.

2 Gemini  

If you wrote something risky on Twitter, forgot your sister’s birthday or never responded to that coffee date thing you initiated in the first place, well, you have to face the consequences this week, Gemini. Fill that room for error with kindness: donate to a meaningful charity, be the first customer of your sister’s bespoke jewelry business or send a heartfelt handwritten note. Everyone else’s feelings are out of your control, so rein in your need to please and handle what’s pressing with care.

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