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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 29 to January 4, 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is finally within reach. We’re not only between years, we’re between eclipses! The solar eclipse in Capricorn probably left you with a mess to clean up, so use this week’s lighter than usual astro weather to take a breather and reflect on what’s transpired. On New Year’s Eve, the moon is in dreamy and sensitive Pisces, teaming up with hazy Neptune. Something out of this world is in the cards. Be responsible, but let your imagination take the wheel. This is a New Year’s celebration you won’t forget. Next week, we’re back to business. But for now, let’s float.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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Why not go to the party at the new bar down the block for New Year’s Eve? Their cocktails are delicious, the bartender is cute and you’re likely to meet a handsome stranger while still close to home. On the 2nd, you have the unique opportunity to be laser-focused on both your big picture goals and the steps you must take to achieve them. Don’t take this energy for granted. Talk it out in therapy or write your manifesto on the walls. Then organize your planner with all those action items. Start the year on an organization high.

10 Aquarius  

This New Year’s Eve, treat yourself. Instead of ordering pizza, go out for a prix-fixe. Instead of the cheap manicure, get a vegan nontoxic nail spa experience with all the gel art you want. On the 3rd, with Mars entering your community sector, you find yourself rallying around a friend who could really use the support. Email everyone you know about the Kickstarter for her art project or the GoFundMe for her recovery. Embrace this compassionate feeling. What other ways can you get involved?

11 Pisces  

With the moon meeting Neptune in your sign on New Year’s Eve, all signs point to getting the spa-like facial of your dreams. It’s random, but it’s true, little fish. You won’t regret the HydroJelly mask. Skip the drinks that night so you can start the year with flawless skin. On the 3rd, you have the final say in choosing the new hire at the office, and it’s a tough choice. You’ll be putting extra energy into your work over the next six weeks, so pick the candidate who is bound to grow with you.

12 Aries  

If you work from home on the 30th, you may miss out on being surprised at the office with an end-of-year bonus. You were going to get it anyway, but the handoff is much sweeter in person. This extra cash ties in with an intriguing travel opportunity that starts taking shape on the 3rd. 2020 has some business trips in store! If possible, ring in the New Year remotely, disconnected from all electronics and drama. Celebrate in peace and start the year refreshed.

1 Taurus  

Use this week between eclipses to begin a yoga or meditation practice. Start each day with five minutes of focused breath or jump right into downward facing dog. On the 2nd, reflect on your plan. Write down what feelings are coming up as you commit to this change. Spend New Year’s with a group of supportive friends. Go see a playful arthouse film or try out that experimental tasting menu at the hip local restaurant. Get lost in a dream with your favorite people.

2 Gemini  

Wherever you are for New Year’s, all eyes are on you, so you may want to consider hosting a last-minute gathering. Invite everyone over to your place to watch the ball drop or find a bar without a wildly high cover to celebrate with a large group of friends. The countdown is yours! On the 2nd, you have a long-awaited meeting with your accountant that ends up being...inspiring! Cool, right? She gives you some major tips for planning ahead. Make sure you write them down.

3 Cancer  

Hopefully, you planned a trip to the Caribbean or Copenhagen for New Year’s, because it’s likely that even if you’re staying home, you desperately want to travel (kinda a weird sensation for you, right?). If you’re just hanging at the apartment with your sweetheart, try cooking your favorite foreign cuisine. At the very least, order in sushi or make up an authentic French charcuterie board. On the 3rd, you get a kick in the pants from action planet Mars to get to the gym. Make fitness a top priority for the start of 2020. You won’t regret feeling the burn.

4 Leo  

Are you craving a ritual? With the moon in way-out-there Pisces on New Year’s Eve, you may want to spend the holiday communing with spirits. At the very least, make your grandma's famous black eyed peas to honor your ancestry. Taking things from the sublime to the mundane, on the 2nd, you finally get your license renewed or that speeding ticket wiped from your record. Review what you did so the process isn’t such a headache the next time.

5 Virgo  

With the moon in sweet Pisces on the 31st, you want to spend New Year’s cuddled up with someone you love. Plan a romantic night with your sweetheart or if you’re single, have a special date with one of your faves. Enjoy the intimacy in whatever form it takes. On the 3rd, with aggressive Mars entering your home sector, something is disrupting your privacy. Whether it’s a rodent friend wreaking havoc, endless noise from the upstairs neighbors or a grumpy roommate, address the problem as soon as possible so it doesn’t keep escalating.

6 Libra  

Consider taking a chill evening fitness class on the 31st. Try to end and begin the year with a commitment to routine. (Life hack: If you don’t drink on New Year’s Eve, you won’t be hungover on New Year’s Day.) On the 2nd, all the details around your living situation finally fall into place. The new couch arrives. Your move into your new apartment goes off without a hitch. It’s been a long, hard battle, but you’ve arrived. It’s a sweet relief.

7 Scorpio  

If you’ve been dealing with an ongoing communication issue with a client or business partner, the energy you need to work it out arrives on the 30th. Start the New Year on the same page. Speaking of 2020, make this New Year’s Eve a night to remember. Why not go on that blind date? There’s definitely a fancy meal in it for you. Just make sure some friends are somewhere nearby in case you need an out or want them to join the party.

8 Sagittarius  

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve at home. Get cozy. Watch a movie with the kids, have a DIY spa night with your BFF or get in the tub with a bath bomb and a book. You can go anywhere you want in your imagination while staying right where you are. On the 3rd, Mars enters your sign, which majorly ups your confidence game. You are ready to win any argument that comes your way, just don’t go asking for it. Let everyone see your glow, not your bite.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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