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The One Thing You Should Do If You Sleep on Your Stomach
anandaBGD/Getty Images

You know when you know something is bad for you but you keep doing it? (Eating sugar comes to mind.) That’s the relationship we have with sleep. See, we’re a tried-and-true stomach sleepers, and even though we know that’s the worst position for our health, we just can’t quit it. If you’re like us, here’s a simple trick for making it a little less bad if you absolutely can’t change your ways. 

What you need: An extra pillow. 

What you do: Lying flat on your stomach, wedge the extra pillow under your hips and snooze. 

Why it helps: Sleeping on your stomach is bad because it makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine, which makes you more susceptible to back and neck pain. You carry the most weight in the middle of your body, so by propping up your hip area, you minimize how dramatically your lower back curves.

So while we’re not quitting our daily Swedish Fish habit just yet, we will be adding an extra pillow to our nighttime routine.

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