28 Things That Won't Bother Me Ever Again After COVD-19

Nothing like a global pandemic to shake things up a bit. For me, the “Great Pause” has completely altered my perspectives and shifted long-held paradigms. That includes big things, like what public health and leadership really mean. But also the small things, like why did I used to get so anxious to board a plane? It’s just one of 28 things that won’t bother me in post-COVID world.

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things that won t bother me after covid alarm

1. My alarm. That? That’s the sound of someone who is going to leave the house today!

2. A 9 a.m. Monday meeting. What I would give for a morning rush. (OK, make it 10 a.m.)

3. The 30-minute makeup routine. I wish had someone to impress these days with a highlight and contour.

4. Getting dressed up. After being in glorified WFH athleisure (aka pajamas) for 100-plus days, bring on the fine tailoring and pleats.

5. My hair. Because in quarantine, I’ve learned the Curly Girl Method. In a word: lifechanging.

things that won t bother me after covid dogs

6. Taking the dog out when everyone else is taking their dog out. Yes! She’s friendly! Let’s all walk on the same side of the street and let our dogs mingle and sniff butts away!

7. Leaving my dog alone for a while. As we’ve learned, we all (yes, even your beloved canine) could use some me-time.

8. Big tips. I have so much more appreciation for essential workers. Here is all my money.

9. People who say “I’m a hugger,” and then go in for the big one. Any physical contact outside my little pod is go-for-landing.

10. Walking to work in the rain or shine. I’ve gone from at least 10K steps a day to…I actually don’t want to publish it here.

things that won t bother me after covid distractions

11. Interruptions of all kinds. Whether it’s banter around me while I’m typing away at my desk or a friend who happened to be in the neighborhood, after COVID, all disruptions to the status quo (read: me in my apartment) are more than welcome.

12. When people call out of work sick. Had Puritan ethic brainwashed us before? Headache? Stay home! Cough? Go to the doctor! General “coming down with something”? Do not leave your house.

13. Endless meetings. IRL connection? Let’s do this all day, every day.

14. “Pick-your-brain” coffee dates. Tell me where and when.

15. Confrontation. As I’ve learned from Black Lives Matter, getting uncomfortable is the only way to move forward. And better yet? Give me the feedback in-person. Let’s talk this out.

16. When the only seats left are in the first row at the movies. Just give me a bucket of popcorn, a Diet Coke and some overwrought CGI, and I’m good.

things that won t bother me after covid restaurant wait

17. Long restaurant waits. 3 hours? Great. We’ll be at every cocktail bar in a quarter-mile radius in the meantime.

18. Friends running late. Pre-COVID? I’d be fuming. Post-COVID? Just enjoying my time outside my pod.

19. Dining alone. To simply be around other people…wow.

20. Stupid errands. Give me all of them.

21. Getting lost. What’s the rush?

22. Dressing rooms. I’ve acquired a tolerance for small spaces.

things that won t bother me after covid check

23. Splitting the check. Laura “didn’t order anything” but ate all my fries, so what? We’re in a living, breathing restaurant!

24. Bad gas station coffee. You taste a weak, stale brew; I taste the open road.

25. Airplane boarding. Zone 8, absolute last person to board and proud of it.

26. Deboarding. Patience, young Padawan.

27. Any type of plan. As long as it’s not on Zoom.

28. Change of plans. A minor hiccup? A reroute? That’s nothing. We’ve been through a pandemic.

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