7 Ways to Take Your At-Home Yoga Practice to the Next Level

Your living room—ya know, that space where you watch Netflix, eat all your meals, attend conference calls via Zoom and teach your kids algebra—is also your new yoga studio. Except, that beach-towel-as-a-mat and your buzzing phone nearby aren’t exactly what you had in mind when you thought of an easy way to squeeze some fitness into your hectic routine. Here, seven easy ways to upgrade your at-home yoga sessions.

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1. Put On A Relaxing Playlist

Depending on what type of yoga you’re doing, try to create some ambience with the background music. For example, the more athletic vinyasa-type flows should be accompanied by something a more upbeat than say a calming restorative practice. Just try to keep your devices across the room and turn notifications off or to airplane mode so as not to interrupt your session.

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2. Light A Signature Scent

An easy way to bring a sense of calm and clarity to your space is to light a candle that imbues a destination or feeling you’d like to focus on during your practice. For us, the Glade® Exotic Tropical Blossoms™ 3-Wick Candle, infused with essential oils, is perfect for a reenergizing flow with its addictive bouquet of uplifting monoi blossom and soothing jasmine. There’s also Glade®’s Blue Odyssey™ 3-Wick Candle with scents like green tea, citrus, the ocean and marine florals that’s great if you’re looking for something more restorative.

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3. Keep Your Space Free Of Clutter

Whether you’re practicing in your living room or have a dedicated space, you should generally try to keep it free of clutter so as to not distract or interfere with your headspace. Go the extra mile and decorate with a few air purifying plants.

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4. Invest In Props

Getting serious about your at-home practice means having the props, like foam blocks and a good mat, at your disposal. You can also pick up a hot/cold eye pillow and pop it in the fridge, then grab it just before Shavasana to make the cool down extra relaxing.

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5. Consider A Virtual Workshop Or Zoom Practice

Since the pandemic, a myriad of virtual and online workouts have sprung up. Consider signing up for a virtual yoga class or workshop, like the ones at Alo or Practice Yoga in Austin. You could also try scheduling a Zoom class with friends to hold yourself accountable.

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6. Try A Cbd Cream For Sore Muscles (or To Help Relax)

One PureWow editor who practices yoga at home recommends applying a CBD cream to any sore or tight muscles before starting. You can also try a CBD roller on wrists and temples to help calm anxiety or just relax and get yourself in the right mindset for a restorative flow.

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7. Set Aside A Few Minutes After Practice

If you want to get the most out of your practice, set aside five minutes post-class to write down a few things you're grateful for. The habit helps you tap even deeper into that mind/body connection, as well as giving you a chance to look back and reflect on that day’s meditations when you don’t have time for any physical movement.

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