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The Healthiest Time of Day to Eat a Cookie

It?s 4 p.m. and your colleague offers you a cookie. You know you should probably eat the apple that?s sitting on your desk instead, but it looks so unappetizing next to that gooey treat in front of you. Word of advice: Eat the cookie. It could be just what you need to power through that spin class later.

Here?s why: Carbs equal energy. You know that whole pasta-dinner thing that runners do before a race? It?s the same idea?just scaled back a smidge since we?re talking about a 30- or 45-minute class versus a 13 miler. Your body easily digests carbs, so when they?re consumed before a physical activity, it will use them to power you through a workout. Also, cookies are a perfect mix of simple carbohydrates for quick energy and, if they?re made with oats, complex ones to keep you sustained longer.

Bottom line: No, cookies aren?t the healthiest snack of all. But if you?re going to cheat at some point in the day, the best time to have a cookie is an hour or two before a workout. Then burn, baby, burn.

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