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Tired? Unable to focus? Just generally bummed out? Time to try the latest Los Angeles wellness hack. What is it? In a word, stickers. (We know you were spooning butter into your coffee and calling it bulletproof just last year, so don’t you dare roll your eyes.) Here’s everything you’d want to know about the new trend.

What are they exactly? Body Vibes are carbon-fiber stickers that come in 12 categories (mental focus, mood boost, anti-anxiety and more). But these aren’t your Lisa Frank stickers of yore; you wear these on bare skin for three days to restore your body to its optimal electrical frequencies. 

Hold up. Frequencies? Yes, we were also surprised that the human body carries a natural frequency. (At least, that’s the claim of Eastern medicine.) Energy healers believe that when a person’s frequency gets below an average 62 to 72 hertz, her immune system is compromised and she’s susceptible to everything from the common cold to more serious illness. (As well as just feeling lethargic.)

So what happened when you put on a sticker? After we applied an “energy” sticker to our upper left arm, we waited. And within a half-hour, we felt a hot, tight feeling in our chest and pulsing in our arm. Surprised at the borderline scary sensation, we switched the decal to our right side. (The Body Vibes site advises “sensitive types” need to wear their decals on the right side, since this is where energy leaves the body.) We had no idea what this meant, but hey, it worked: The pulse was less intense. And the coolest part? We didn’t need our usual midday latte.

What about the other stickers? We also tried out a couple of the anti-anxiety stickers, and we gotta say, we felt a bit lackadaisical. But compared with feeling high-strung and anxious, that’s definitely a good thing.

So would we do it again? Totally. While these won’t replace our rosé or meditation practice, we love the extra lift we get from these stickers.

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