Why Taking a Trip to Paris Is Better Than Buying a Flat Screen, According to Science


So, you dipped into savings to pay for your plane ticket to Paris. It’s all good, says a new Cornell University study.

Here’s why: Apparently we derive way more happiness from life experiences than from material goods, which give us short term excitement (yay, new TV!) that diminishes quickly. (Oh, that old thing?)

On the contrary, travel experiences become joyful memories that shape our lives and relationships forever. You’ll never forget how happy you felt trying your first macaron or eating cheese at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. You reminisce, you share your experiences with friends and the happiness you felt lives on.

Travel isn’t in the budget this year? We have more good news. Researchers say you can get similar benefits from learning a new skill or simply visiting a museum.

Excuse us, we’ll just be over on Expedia booking our next trip.

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