Who run the world? You. Even when it’s freezing outside. But despite the fact that you’re a pro at layering and know exactly how to protect your phone if it starts to snow, you still shiver for a good five minutes before you hit your stride. Thanks to this genius (and biology-based) trick, not anymore.

What you need: Your favorite Beyoncé tune (or really any song with a killer dance beat)

What you do: Blast the song over your living room stereo or through your headphones while you dance/lip-synch/twerk/jog in place. And then head outside to pound the frosty pavement for your run.

Why this works: It’s obvious, but it’s true: Getting your heart rate up while you’re still indoors helps elevate your core body temperature and increase the blood flow to your muscles (by as much as 70 percent). That way, your body is already feeling toasty when you step outside. This not only helps your running performance (since your body won’t waste precious time adjusting to the frigid temps) but it also reduces the risk of injuries.

Why it’s especially a no-brainer: You’ve already got a jamming running playlist on deck. Just bust it out a few minutes early for a pre-run dance party.

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