9 Things That Might Happen If You Give Up Coffee

From prettier skin to flatter abs

Don't get us wrong: Coffee is the best thing in the whole entire world. But it's kind of sad that you're basically living from one venti to the next.

So we decided to do a little research and learn what might happen to us if we decided to give it up--cold turkey. Here, the nine shocking truths.


You Might Stop Having Breakouts

As you probably know, coffee is super acidic. And when acidity mixes with high doses of caffeine, it can wreak havoc on your stress hormones, which control oil production. Less coffee = fewer breakouts. Just ask your dermatologist.

And Start Looking More Dewy And Glowing

Caffeine is a diuretic. Too much--say, four or five cups a day--will leave your skin looking extra dehydrated and parched.

You'd Probably Save Gobs Of Money

How's this for sobering? If you didn’t treat yourself to that $3.50 latte five days a week, you’d pocket an extra $1,000 a year. (Here’s a handy coffee calculator so that you can do the math.)

You Wouldn't Be Be Such A Jerk All The Time

We’re not saying that going caffeine-free is a picnic, but according to a recent study, in the long term too much coffee actually leads leads to something called caffeine toxicity, a condition that causes insomnia, anxiety and mood swings. Lovely.


But You Would Be More Successful

Yes, caffeine does increase productivity, but once the buzz wears off, it can actually negatively impact your mood and slow down your cognitive performance, according to research from Johns Hopkins Medical School. (Which explains why you’re always falling asleep at your desk come 4 p.m.)


You'd Sleep Like A Baby

The more coffee, the more insomnia. It’s as simple as that. (That said, even if you don’t give up the java, sticking firmly to a 2 p.m. caffeine cut-off can significantly help the quality of your sleep.)

Your Teeth Would Be Whiter

If you must, try sipping it through a straw.

You Might Get Flatter Abs

Coffee bloating is real. (The caffeine triggers spasms in your digestive tract. Gross.) You could shave as much as two inches off your waistline just by cutting it out of your morning routine.'d Feel Like Crap

Caffeine headaches are legit. But keep in mind: Withdrawal symptoms typically last only a week or two. (You can do it!)

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