The Best (and Most Affordable) Winter Honeymoon Destinations

At this point, you’d rather spill red wine on your wedding dress than figure out what to do for your honeymoon. But with all the stress of last-minute planning and prepping, you and your betrothed definitely deserve a romantic getaway post-“I do.” Here, five fabulous winter honeymoon destinations (that won’t drain all the cash gifts you’ve started to roll in). 

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Santiago, Chile

Skip the crowds of Portugal and soak up summer in the southern hemisphere instead. Voted the number one country to visit this year by the travel experts at Lonely Planet, Chile’s bursting at the seams with romance and charm. The country celebrates 200 years of independence in 2018, and we hear the capital city is ripe with trendy boutique shopping, empanada eating and historic plaza exploring with your loved one—without the steep European currency conversions.

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Santorini, Greece

You’ve always wanted to explore the Mediterranean country, and winter is the best time to go if you’re on a budget. Sure, you may not be able to soak up rays in the sweltering heat (OK, plan for a few rainy days), but you’ll still get to take in the über romantic white-and-blue coastal city and score great flight deals (think $500 round-trip) during the country’s off-season.

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Venice, Italy

There’s nothing more idyllic than the Floating City with its dreamy gondola rides, candlelit restaurants serving up fresh pasta and narrow stone alleyways perfect for stealing a moonlit stroll. Plus, if you go in winter, there are much fewer tourists than in June and July, meaning you’ll get better deals on hotels, flights and food (OK, and the suitcase full of street vendor souvenirs you’re dying to bring back).

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Miami, Florida

No need to shell out for passports to go on a relaxing beach vacation. South Florida’s still boasting temps of 70s and 80s in the winter months, and flights for the off-season drop to less than $200 round-trip. Go for the authentic Cuban restaurants and neon-lit nightlife; stay for the artsy Wynwood district and pristine white sands of South Beach…and maybe a hidden beach or two.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Move over, Paris. This canal-filled city has round-trip airfare for around $300 on Google Flights and offers some of the most gorgeous scenery in Europe, made even more beautiful by the presence of a light coating of snow on the lamp-lined bridges. Cozy up to your now-official spouse inside a historic windmill with a local brew in hand or check out the many museums (hellooo, Van Gogh) that offer big discounts in the off-season.