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There’s no quicker way to lose your vacation mojo than by getting ripped off. (Ugh, you knew you had a sketchy feeling about that cabbie.) Next time, keep these tips in your back pocket.


Beware the rogue ATM

Stick to a cash machine at a bank, airport or hotel--otherwise you might fall prey to an ATM skimmer, which is implanted by a thief and designed to quickly read your card’s vital information.


Inform your bank

Before heading out of town, call your bank and let them know your dates and destinations. Otherwise, they might think your card has been stolen and cancel it.


And while you’ve got your bank on the phone...

Get details about international transaction fees--which can add up fast. If your bank charges them, you might want to consider paying with cash.

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Make copies of credit cards

Make a copy of the front and back of all bank and credit cards you take with you, including the telephone number to call in the event of loss or theft. Keep a copy in your hotel room safe. (Extra credit if you leave an additional copy with a trusted family member back home.)


Speaking of which...Use the hotel room safe

Laptops, passport, backup credit cards and other financial information should be locked up while you’re out and about.


Remember that pickpockets aren’t just in crowds

Everyone knows to keep their money close in a crowd. But did you know not to hang your purse on a chair in a restaurant or to use your phone prudently in a cab? It’s easy for a thief to race out of a bistro or reach into a car window...and run off with your loot.


Stay organized

It seems counterintuitive--isn’t a holiday the time to relax? But ten minutes a day spent keeping track of your bank cards, receipts and passports is well worth the hassle. 

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