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Football games, dead leaves and sweating through your adorable layered outfit: fall can be a very complicated time (is it hot, is it cold?). But there’s more to life than stress-eating chicken wings and prematurely donning your new winter coat. Here, five trends you’re going to see everywhere this October.

october trends dog horoscope
Wild One

Dog Horoscopes

Wondering why Sir Barksalot won’t touch his dinner tonight? Or why Bing Clawsby has been super tense lately? Blame it on everyone’s zodiac obsession, but we’re looking to the stars for answers. Wild One, the makers of pretty pet essentials like sleek bowls and taupe-colored leashes, just announced pet horoscopes through its email newsletter (and we’ve never hit the “sign up” button faster). They’re silly (“Don’t leave any raw meat laying around...”) and sorta informative (“As the sun and Mars meet Mercury, you dog is going to be keenly aware of their desires, especially when it comes to their most important relationships”). At the very least, they’re an LOL-worthy way to connect with your pet.

jennifer lopez versace 2019
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez

From awards season buzz for her Oscar-worthy performance in stripper con-movie Hustlers to walking the Versace red carpet in her iconic green plunge dress, J.Lo is having a major moment. Don’t expect to see anything less of the multi-hyphenate as she gets ready for her upcoming wedding to A.Rod.

Pumpkin-Spice Everything

Like we even have to list this one…Grubhub’s annual food report revealed nothing too surprising: Everyone’s still obsessed with pumpkin, and October is peak fall-flavor month. The fall flavor runner-up, caramel apple, might get some airtime this month, too. But don’t roll your eyes too hard when you get bombarded with gourd-tinged items all month long.

Hard Cold Brew

First it was Pabst’s Hard Coffee. Now La Colombe, MillerCoors and Jägermeister are all hopping on the boozy coffee bandwagon. And we can see the appeal: Early tailgates (it is football season, after all), brunches, even a Friday afternoon pick-me-up. Just don’t call us when the crash-slash-hangover hits.

october trends cozy girl fall sweater street style
Getty Images


It’s official: Hot Girl Summer is over, and Cozy Girl Fall is here to stay. Oversize chunky sweaters, cashmere pants, fleece jackets...even Katie Holmes–approved socks with sandals: Bundling up and taking style cues from the Michelin Man is the fashion "it" girl M.O. for the next few months. 

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