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How to Set Up a Filter on Gmail

It’s like a nervous tick—or a bad habit. But as soon as we see a new email come in, we feel the urge to check it immediately. Half of the time, it’s spam or something we could have read later. Enter filters. Set them up and have emails sent directly to designated folders so they never even hit your inbox. 

Step 1: Open any nonessential email (like that sale notification from Gap). At the top of the message, click “More.” This will bring you to a drop-down menu where you then select “Filter messages like these.”

Step 2: A new box will pop up. In the “From” field, input or double-check that the sender’s email address is there. Then click “Create filter with this search.”

Step 2: Check off any action items you want to put in effect moving forward—whether it’s automatically archiving emails to tend to later or labeling them so you can keep a neater inbox. 

Step 3: Enjoy those extra five minutes you just got back.

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