Fox Just Revealed More Contestants from ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 (& We’re Already Rooting for the Llama)

Season 2 of The Masked Singer might have ended, but the show is wasting no time getting us excited for season 3.

Fox has been slowly teasing more and more about the new season and finally revealed some of the “characters” that will be competing. Here, everything we know about The Masked Singer season three so far.

What Are The Costumes For Season 3?

Meet the revealed characters below.

miss monster

Miss Monster


The Frog

the white tiger

The White Tiger

the robot

The Robot

the kangaroo

The Kangaroo


The Llama

the banana

The Banana

the astronaut

The Astronaut

Do We Already Know Who Any Of The Contestants Are?

In the first promo, we see host Nick Cannon delivering costumes to the homes of the new season’s contestants. Since the whole point of the show is for the contestants to remain anonymous for as long as possible, we won’t officially know anyone competing until they are unmasked.

However, it looks like we’re possibly getting a cowboy, a football player and even a musician. And maybe some A-list Hollywood women?

When Does Season 3 Of ‘the Masked Singer’ Air?

The third season of The Masked Singer is set to hit Fox after the Super Bowl on February 2, 2020.