Ryan Reynolds Posts Yet Another Hilarious Photo of Wife Blake Lively to Instagram

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may be a mind-bogglingly gorgeous couple, but the duo isn’t above getting ugly. Yep, the two apparently love trolling each other on Instagram. Remember when Lively posted a picture of Ryan Gosling on Reynolds’s 41st birthday? Well, they’re at it again. This time, the tables have turned with a recent ’Gram from Reynolds. Sorry, Blake, we had to share.

Need a double take? That is Lively. But don’t worry—she’s just in costume (aka what we wear to bed). After paparazzi snapped photos of Lively on the set of her new film, The Rhythm Section, in which she plays a character who is a clear departure from Serena van der Woodsen, Reynolds wasted little time turning his wife’s dramatic transformation (and unfortunate wardrobe) into a comedic Instagram opportunity.

Now only time will tell how Lively will seek her Instagram revenge. And we can’t wait.