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Spotted: Queen Elizabeth Running a Dyson Because Even Buckingham Palace Needs A/C
Victoria Jones/Getty Images

Sure, since it was erected in 1703, Buckingham Palace has gone through extensive renovations. But central air or not, construction that old probably has a good chance of feeling a little bit stuffy from time to time, especially when it’s peak summer. (Why else do you think Queen Elizabeth escapes to Balmoral this time of year?)

Still, occasionally, duty calls—like this week, when the election of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson required the queen to delay her Scotland vacay and welcome the newest resident of 10 Downing Street to his post.

When images surfaced of the meeting at the palace, we couldn’t help but notice a pretty modern device running in the background: a Dyson. (See it there on the right by the fireplace?) The exact product is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, which allows you to both heat and cool a room and purify the air at the exact same time. (It retails for $400, FYI.) 

We take this as more proof that Queen Elizabeth is a modern queen. Think about it: She’s all pomp and circumstance 24/7, but she knows how to strategically use top-notch (and British-founded) technology to regulate the temperature of Buckingham Palace when she needs to. 

How else could she pull off long sleeves in July?

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