A Period Emoji Is Headed to Your iPhone for Days When the Sobbing Face and Dagger Just Aren't Cutting It

You know those days: One second you’re texting ten hearts in a row and the next you’re sending skulls and (toy) guns.

Luckily, we’re finally getting a simple emoji expression for that time of the month. On Wednesday, it was announced that 58 other new emojis are coming soon to an iPhone near you. Yep, a period emoji is now in play, and all thanks to a campaign led by girls’ rights group Plan International UK, which was backed by 55,000 people.

“With emoji becoming one of the fastest growing global languages, we realised having a period emoji could help change things,”the group said on their blog.

There are also a few variations on the already existing emojis on your phone, bringing the grand total up to 230. The Unicode Consortium, who approves the new emoji additions each year, is adding more inclusive emojis to its ranks, including a person in a wheelchair, prosthetic limbs, deaf and blind people emojis, and guide and service dogs.

There are also emojis for yawning, a flamingo, a waffle, a Hindu temple, a melting ice cube, onion, garlic, a parachute, a planet, a yo-yo, a sari, a pair of underwear, white and brown hearts and a banjo.

While Unicode will make these emojis available in March 2019, Apple has the ability to add them into whatever software update they choose. Typically, they opt for a fall emoji release.

So, goodbye weird euphemisms (“Riding the crimson wave?” Ugh.) And hello, perfect combo of period + TV + wine + chocolate bar emojis.

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