Katie Holmes Shares Rare Pic of Suri in Daughters Day Tribute on IG

Katie Homes just shared a very touching tribute to her daughter.

On Instagram, the 42-year-old actress posted an extremely rare throwback snap of her 15-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, in honor of National Daughters Day. In the pic, Holmes can be seen fixing a strap on her little girl's shoes, and in the caption, she added a string of red heart emojis. Naturally, fans couldn't help but gush over their special mother-daughter bond.

"This is just the sweetest picture ever," wrote one fan in the comments. Another added, "Time flies! I love how you have a good balance in honoring your daughter’s privacy while still sharing your joys."

Not surprisingly, neither Holmes's nor her daughter's face is visible in the shot. But while the Batman Begins star has always been careful to limit Suri's appearances on her social feed, she has opened up about her daughter on a few occasions. For instance, while speaking with InStyle in 2020, she said, "I love her so much. My biggest goal has always been to nurture her into her individuality. To make sure she is 100 percent herself and strong, confident, and able. And to know it."

The proud mom continued, "She came out very strong—she's always been a strong personality. She'll pick an activity and work her butt off until she's really good at it. Then she's like, 'Okay, I'm going to try the next thing.' She's very focused and a hard worker...She's pretty special."

Holmes's tribute comes several months after she shared rare throwback pics of Suri in honor of her 15th birthday this year. On Instagram, she wrote, "Happy 15th Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you are already 15!"

Fingers crossed that we'll see more sweet mother-daughter moments between these two.

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