I Sent Kate Middleton a 38th Birthday Card and Here’s What She Wrote Back

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#TBT to 2019, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were still active members of the royal family. After writing a snail mail note to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to congratulate them on the impending arrival of Baby Archie, I was surprised and delighted to get a royal reply. It also inspired me to make more of an effort when it comes to keeping up with my royal correspondence. Up next: The birthday of Kate Middleton. (As you know, she turned the big 3-8 on January 9.)

So, I took a similar approach to what I did with Meghan and Harry, picking out what I deemed an appropriate birthday card (hand-selected from Mr. Boddington’s Studio this time) and penning a handwritten note in cursive that was personal and specific in terms of why I felt Kate deserved birthday accolades. My main reason? She’s a class act, always delivering grace under pressure in regal circumstances, but also day in and day out as a “mum” of three. (I even mentioned the way she laughed it off when Charlotte stuck her tongue out during the King’s Cup Regatta. Kids!)

I dropped the birthday card in the mail in mid-December, a cool five weeks ahead of Kate’s big day, so you can only imagine how elated I felt to spot her royal reply last week mixed in amongst my bills. (It’s pretty hard to miss any piece of mail with a return address of “Kensington Palace” and postage that reads “Royal Mail.”)

I opened the letter so carefully out of fear that I might introduce a tear.

Inside, the note was simple: “The Duchess of Cambridge thanks you for taking the trouble to write on the occasion of her 38th birthday. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by Her Royal Highness who sends her warmest thanks and best wishes.” The message was printed on the back of the glossy—and casual—photo of Kate that lit up the internet close to five weeks ago when she shared it via Instagram on the actual day. (Hey, that’s the definition of snail mail, isn’t it? It takes time for a letter to travel across the pond!)

I can’t tell you how much I applaud the royal family (and Kate Middleton) for responding so ceremoniously to every. Single. Note. Will I be writing to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her 94th birthday in April? Without a doubt. Will I share her response when she (hopefully) replies? You betcha.

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