‘Friends’ Fans, You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Coffee from Central Perk (Well, Kind Of)

FYI, Friends celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. And while you can’t actually have Jennifer Aniston (sorry, Rachel) whip up a coffee for you from behind the counter at Central Perk, pretty soon you’ll be able to whip one up yourself. Well, kind of.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is celebrating the occasion with a Friends-inspired line of drinks in its stores, along with Central Perk–inspired coffee and tea that you can buy and make at home.

Included on the menu are six coffee or tea drinks, each named after a specific character from the show. That includes the Joey (mango cold brew tea), the Monica (Midnight Mocha cold brew), the Rachel (an iced matcha latte), the Ross (a flat white), the Chandler (a caramel coconut latte) and the Phoebe (the Cookies and Cream Ice Blended).

The drinks will be available at Coffee Bean & Tea leaf locations from Wednesday, July 31, until Tuesday, August 27, but if you’re not close to one of the California-based spots, you can shop the Central Perk collection online. There are two coffee bean varieties, a black tea and a collection of branded mugs that have a die-hard Friends fan’s name on them.

So, are you more of a Ross, a Rachel or a Phoebe? We’re a Phoebe, which is code for ordering the most sugary drink on the menu.

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