The Influencer-Approved Laundry Hack for Fighting Everyday Stains

As much as we shy away from admitting it, TikTok has taught us a lot—some lessons more useful than others. (Why, yes, we’d love to watch you de-wilt your hydrangeas by dunking them in an ice bath, thankyouverymuch.) But one trick we know we’ll be leaning on this back-to-school season? How our favorite influencers keep their clothes looking so fresh and new.

Their unanimous answer: OxiClean™ Max Force™, which combines the convenience of a spray with OxiClean’s powerful tough-on-stains formula for everything the kids—and parents!—bring home on their clothes. Watch the videos below for the hack you should bookmark now, so you can spend less time doing laundry, and more time living.

Busy moms like Cher Hubsher, actress, influencer and podcaster, have a time-saving secret: With the convenience of OxiClean, they can spray it and forget.

Like @AyumiLashley, no matter what the activity—school, sports practice, playdates—it’s ok. You can wait five days after using the spray before washing with detergent.

Yes, life is definitely messy with kids. But like @annemarie_plus_3, you don't have to worry about what they'll get on their brand-new school clothes thanks to this handy hack.

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