What an Interior Designer Is Buying at HomeGoods This Summer

Like Adele, HomeGoods is a great unifier of our time Everyone from college freshmen outfitting their dorms to high-end interior designers rely on the retailer for chic decor finds at joy-sparking price points. Here, designer Natalie Kraiem shares the pieces she’s treasure-hunting to spruce up her outdoor space this season.

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Courtesy of HomeGoods

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the best ways to transform a space with almost no effort—and at HomeGoods prices, you’ll be able to afford an extra set to bring outside when entertaining (or luxuriating over a solo glass of vino). Pro styling tip: “Bold print pillows with a lot of texture will make a space feel summertime-ready instantly,” says Kraiem.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Small Furnishings

As any devotee can attest, HomeGoods is a hot bed for affordable accent stools—a versatile piece for indoor and outdoor living. “[They] change the dynamic of the space,” Kraiem tells us. “People think of ottomans as indoor furniture but something like this rattan one I found can be used as a side table outside. And at $70, you can’t go wrong!”

Courtesy of HomeGoods


Outdoor rugs take a beating, so they’re really not a place to splurge. For this reason, Kraiem is a big fan of sourcing affordable options to make an outdoor setting more cozy and inviting. (She scored this weather-resistant palm frond rug for just $40.)

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Accent Lighting

It’s not a proper patio without some twinkly lights and hurricane lanterns for candles. “At such a great price, you can cluster them in trios,” says Kraiem. “They add so much warmth and height to your space.”