Space-Saving Tricks for Your Ridiculously Tiny Kitchen

And none of them involve tossing your toaster

Sure, you spend 93 percent of your salary on Seamless--but once in a while, you actually feel like cooking spaghetti sauce from scratch.

If only there were a place in your kitchen to chop tomatoes. Or keep spices. Or hell, even store a damn colander.

Here, nine tricks to save space in your ridiculously small NYC kitchen. Now about that pasta…

Store Baskets Above Your Cupboard

You know that foot or so of space between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling that seems totally useless? Fill wire baskets with pantry items and canned goods. Voilà, extra storage.

Put Dry Goods In Mason Jars

Instead of jamming your cupboards with a million half-full bags and boxes, use old mason jars to store stuff like rice, spaghetti and dry beans. (Extra bonus: They’ll keep out critters like pantry moths.)

Hang Cookware On A Pegboard

Channel your inner Julia Child and attach pegboard to your wall (just pick it up at Home Depot and paint it to match your kitchen). Add hooks or nails, then attach pots, pans and utensils.

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Keep Knives Under The Cabinet

Genius idea: You know those magnetic knife strips from Ikea? Install one underneath your cupboard, to keep knives in reach but out of sight.

Stick Spices On The Side Of The Fridge

Speaking of magnets, these awesome tins are way cuter than those McCormick spice bottles, and they’ll stick to anything metal.

Use Tension Rods In Drawers

Optimize space in your drawers with curtain rods--the system works great for plates, pans and cookie sheets. And when you store things vertically, you get more space and can clearly see everything in the drawer. How very Marie Kondo of you.

Flip Your Silverware Drawer

Depending on your drawer setup, storing flatware upright instead of horizontally can be a major space-saver. Grab a few pieces of plywood and some wood glue and you’re set.

Store Measuring Cups On Hooks

And if you want to get really fancy, invest in a few scraps of wood molding and some chalkboard paint to create storage space for measuring cups and spoons behind your cupboard.

Upgrade Your Counter Space With Rolling Carts

Wait, two people can stand side-by-side in a NYC kitchen and cook at the same time? Guys, this is life-changing.