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There’s nothing sadder than a shattered wine glass for two reasons: 1) There’s the cleanup, but 2) That’s one less piece of stemware available to you for sipping your Friday Merlot. Here, four mistakes you're making when washing your glasses.

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wine glass towel
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You’re Holding It by the Stem

FYI, that’s the most fragile part of the glass. When running it under the tap, it’s best to hold it by the bowl, since it’s sturdier. Plus, when it gets slippery under the water, you’ll have a better grip.

wine glass scrubbing
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…And Using Scalding Hot Water

We get it: You want your glass to be squeaky clean and germ-free. But water that’s too hot can cause delicate glass to crack. Instead, adjust the water so it runs lukewarm.

washing wine glass
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You’re Using a Scented Dish Soap

You love your lemon-scented dish soap the most, but use it on wine glasses and there’s a risk it can mess with the flavor notes of your next bottle of red (or white). A better plan: Opt for a fragrance-free option like this one from Seventh Generation.

wine glasses stem
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You’re Letting Glasses Drip Dry

After they’re rinsed, it’s tempting to let glasses air-dry on their own. But if you have hard water, mineral deposits can leave behind water spots. Instead, towel them off with a cloth napkin or microfiber cloth so they look more polished and clean.

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