The 21 Essentials That Turn Any Bedroom into a Haven

Make it your happy place

You know that a cozy and organized bedroom is basically the secret to a happy life, but actually turning it into a sanctuary is easier said than done (hey, full-time job). Fear not--it’s really just about stocking up on the essentials. Here, 21 things that’ll help you make your bedroom your haven, no matter how little time you can devote to decorating. Now, it’s totally fine if you send yourself to your room and don’t come out until dinner.

1. High-quality sheets that are cool and soft on your face.

2. And a cozy quilt or duvet that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud (a firm cloud that won’t hurt your back).

3. A carafe of water on your nightstand. Put your midnight kitchen runs behind you.

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4. You're an adult. It's time for storage under the bed that isn’t a plastic container. The VARDO underbed storage boxes from IKEA come with a textile lid to keep out dust, making them a safe hideaway for all those off-season knits you’ve got tucked under there.

5. Plush pillows that are purely decorative but soft enough to throw yourself on for an afternoon nap.

6. Thoughtfully selected art that makes you feel happy.

7. Good reading lamps that are conveniently placed so you never have to get up to turn them off.

8. A dedicated place to hang and catch accessories like hats, scarves and key rings. Au revoir, clutter.

9. A focal point. Think a swath of wallpaper in a big, splashy print.

10. A place to sit that isn’t your bed. Ideally a reading nook, if you have the space.

11. A living, breathing plant for good energy. Or conversely, fresh blooms for eye candy.

12. An oversized full-length mirror that reflects your entire body from head to toe.

13. A vanity dedicated to your beautifully organized makeup and hair products. Make sure it’s adjacent to a window for good lighting.

14. Good-quality furniture pieces that don’t necessarily match but “go.”

15. The more cozy blankets, the better.

16. Layered rugs. They bring texture and warmth into the room, especially when you’re getting out of bed barefoot on a cold morning.

17. Black-out shades that block the early-morning light (or all the light when you’re catching up on lost sleep).

18. A luxe robe hanging in a spot where it’s easy to grab.

19. An organized closet space with matching hangers that won’t stretch out your precious clothing.

20. A lavish candle with a light and soothing scent, like lavender.

21. Your favorite books displayed neatly on a bookshelf or stacked on your nightstand. Make lulling yourself into dreamland just an arm’s length away.