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Aside from photographs of Big Sur and Milo Ventimiglia in a towel, you go weak in the knees for a good kitchen—one that’s light and airy and has a home for every single appliance. You also have a lot of respect for people who can keep that up. (Last night you made spaghetti and the aftermath basically looked like WWII). Thankfully, a few tweaks to your kitchen’s flow are all you need to bask in “good kitchen” glory.

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stovetop shelves
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House Items Within Arm’s Reach

It’s probably safe to assume you do most of your cooking in and around the stove top. In an effort to streamline your time, store a variety of plates, bowls and utensils directly over the range using shelves or a rail system. This way, when your famous baked ziti comes out of the oven, you can simply plate and serve. No more hauling a heavy stack from the cabinet to the counter.

Sponsored sink assembly line
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Create Your Own Assembly Line

If you tackle dish washing in an organized manner, you’ll no longer need to spend the better part of your night hovering over the sink. We suggest working from left to right. Stack dirty dishes on the left, wash in the middle and then dry on the right. Finish the job by washing your hands with Dial Complete Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash to get rid of any lingering food odors and bacteria. So easy, even your kids could do it (hint, hint).

coffee counter station

Organize by Station

Clear a spot on your counter to make a drink station filled with all the necessities: mugs, coffee grinds, tea bags, sugar, whatever you fancy. Keep it going by designating stations throughout your kitchen for other activities you do often (baking, perhaps?). Now that everything you need is in one spot, you won’t have to upend the pantry to find one ingredient.

pantry cabinet

When in Doubt, Go Clear

Instead of storing everything in a cramped space, put all those goodies on display in a beautiful cabinet with glass doors. The key here is to use clear containers and open baskets so you are able to see what’s in each vessel. Keeping spices, snacks and cereal in glass jars or canisters is also more aesthetically pleasing than looking at a bunch of random labels and half-torn packages. Finally, with all eyes on your pantry, you’ll be more inclined to keep it tidy.

landing areas

Designate Landing Areas

Consider your kitchen layout. In an ideal world, you should have a “landing area” next to every major appliance so you have enough room to prep your cooking tasks. For example, you’ll use the counter space next to the stove top as a chopping area so that once you’re done dicing up veggies, they’re ready to go into the wok less than a foot away. If your kitchen space is lacking, create these areas with a rolling kitchen island that easily slides wherever you need it.

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