How to Embrace JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out)

Elbowing your way through a crowded bar to order a pricey drink? Overrated. We’re all about embracing JOMO this summer (you know, the “joy of missing out,” FOMO’s way cozier counterpart). Don’t worry, it’s not a boring night in. It’s more like an evening of self-care that involves fuzzy socks, a homemade Island Ginger Tini with Dole® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice and a decadent ice cream sundae with pineapple caramel. Oh, and a good dose of binge-watching your favorite show. Because you deserve to treat yourself without losing your voice from talking over a crowd.

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Cristina Gutierrez

Director, Branded Content

Cristina Gutierrez is the Director of Branded Content at Gallery Media Group. She produces sponsored media campaigns across all verticals, in addition to researching, testing and...
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