10 Clever New Ways to Use a Towel Bar

Don’t you love when a humdrum household object surprises you? Take, for example, the ever-so-utilitarian towel bar. While recently perusing a few of our favorite DIY blogs, we were delighted to discover it has not one but ten ingenious alternative uses beyond keeping our terry cloth mildew-free.

Dog Walking Station

Craft an über-organized puppy station in your mudroom (for easy-grab leashes, treats, doggie bags, etc.), with a towel bar, woven baskets and drapery rings to affix.

Mug Storage

Running low on cabinet space? Pull your favorite mugs out of the cupboard and hang ’em from a towel bar on your backsplash.

towel bar new uses 6
The 2 Seasons

Pots And Pans Display

Ditto your larger, heavier kitchen items. Mount a towel bar to the side of your lower cabinets for a stylish, storage-savvy focal point.


Hanging Fruit Bowl

You want a bowl of fruit on display for easy-access, healthy snacking, but sadly you’ve got zero countertop space to spare. Solution: Suspend a basket from a towel bar alongside your island.

Wrapping Paper Station

Rejoice: Door-mounted towel bars coupled with curtain clips are the gift-wrapping storage solution you never knew you needed.

Hanging Craft Station

Keep art supplies at the ready by installing a series of towel bars on the wall next to your desk, and attaching cute bins and buckets to organize by category.

Drying Rack

For a shabby chic fix in the laundry room, tack a towel bar to a plank of reclaimed wood for an impromptu drying rack to hang your delicates.

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Home Depot Blog

Book Slings

Use a double rod towel bar and your favorite pretty fabric to build soft, sophisticated bookshelves for your kiddo’s room.


Hanging Garden

If you don’t have room for an accent table or oversize pot, hang a towel bar in the bathroom and suspend a few pretty greens beneath. Instant pick-me-up.

Cleaning Product Storage

Free up space under the sink with an over-the-door towel bar. Simply hook your cleaners from the rod, shut the door and call it a day.