6 Costco Benefits You Probably Didn't Know About

It's more than bulk pretzels, people

Costco has pretty much everything we look for in a store: Great prices, that one elusive brand of conditioner, massive bins of peanut butter pretzels. But little did we know, there also are a bunch of other terrific benefits we were missing out on. No longer! Take advantage of these six to make the most of your membership.

Technical Support

You finally got around to replacing your decades-old TV, only to get it home and realize you have zero idea how to set it up. Don’t panic. After purchasing electronics from Costco, members can call the club daily with technical questions, including set-up support and troubleshooting. Because no one should have to wait to watch Game of Thrones.

Tire Help

Talk about killing two birds with one stone: You can have your tires serviced (for free) while shopping at any Costco location. They’ll rotate, balance and repair your tires and again, it costs nothing. That was easy.

Health Screenings

You know you should go to your doctor for regular checkups, but it’s a hassle to actually make it happen. Enter Costco’s in-store health screenings (for osteoporosis, heart health, lung health and diabetes). See here for a schedule of upcoming screenings near you.

Discounts On Prescriptions

A 2013 Consumer Reports survey found that when it came to getting the best deal on prescription drugs, Costco had the best prices overall, compared with independent pharmacies and larger stores like Walgreens and CVS. Bring it on, birth control!

And Health Insurance

So apparently Costco wants to manage your whole life. Through the store’s health insurance marketplace, members (individuals and small businesses) can purchase life, health, dental, vision and auto coverage.

Savings On Travel

Similar to AAA, Costco members benefit from steep discounts on travel costs like booking flights, hotels, cruises and rental cars. In other words, that Cuba trip might not be so out of the question after all.

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