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Between your daily nine-to-five and hosting a monthly book club, it’s easy to understand why your home doesn’t always look like a perfectly styled Instagram photo. (Um, hello. You’re only human.) To make housework feel less overwhelming, here are five cleaning tricks that all take less than ten minutes.

basket method

Use the Basket Collection Method

If there’s any amount of clutter, no matter how clean your home is, it can look unkempt. Get rid of it in a pinch by using the basket collection method. Grab a laundry basket, walk around your house and toss in any items that are out of place, like the jacket hanging on the back of the dining-room chair. Set the basket aside until you can put everything back where it belongs.

Sponsored swiffer sweeper
Laura Wing-Kamoosi

Give the Floors a Quick Sweep

You don’t want to bust out the vacuum every time you spot a little ball of dust. Leave vacuuming for a lazy Sunday and keep the floors under control during the week with a Swiffer Sweeper. Thanks to its 360-degree swivel head, you can maneuver under the couch, entertainment center and kitchen cabinets in two minutes flat. Is it weird to admit we find this somewhat satisfying?

garbage bags

Be Strategic About Your Trash Bags

Instead of emptying the trash and then putting in a fresh bag, stay one step ahead of the game. Open an empty trash bag and then take a second bag, open that one up and put it inside the first one (so you have a double bag). Keep doing this until you have layered ten bags and then put them all into the can (folded over the lip). Next time you take out the trash, a brand-new bag will already be there, ready to go.

uninviting smells
GalDanieli/Getty Images

Keep Uninviting Smells at Bay

Fortunately, odors are not as difficult to mask as one might think. First, find the culprit and dispose of it tout suite. If the pesky scent is lingering in the refrigerator, stick some coffee grinds in a bowl on the top shelf. If it’s coming from the garbage disposal, toss in a few lemon rinds and run them through. Ahh, the sweet smell of freshness.

dishwasher clean hack
YinYang/Getty Images

Use Your Dishwasher for More Than Just Dishes

Instead of wasting time and cleaning random tools and gadgets individually, throw everything into the dishwasher at the same time. The hot water and soap act as the perfect disinfectant. Items that are dishwasher-safe? Makeup brushes, dog toys, range vent grilles, switch plates, toothbrushes, cabinet knobs, contact lens cases...the list goes on.

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